On a dark night in 2009, an ex-teacher named Johnny receives a call that changes his life in an instant. He is informed that he is a suspect in the disappearance of his former student, Danel. With a court appearance scheduled for the next morning, Johnny races to the abandoned school where Danel was last seen, determined to find evidence to prove his innocence. Armed with a camera, and limited supplies, Johnny must navigate the dark and decaying halls of the school, searching for clues that will clear his name. He will face dangers along the way, but he must persevere in order to uncover the truth behind Danel’s disappearance.


Multiple paths await Johnny throughout the abandoned school, from unlocking hidden areas to linking together cryptic clues. But time is of the essence, for the darkness sets in and court morning approaches. Critical thinking will be required to advance, but you will need more than that to escape the inevitable force that seeks to trap you in the school’s decaying halls. Forever.

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